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Supporters o KODC Kiwis

Businesses that support Kia Ora DC Kiwis with product, giveaways, sponsorship, discounts and more! 


Kiwi Kuisine

New Zealand Meat Pies

Great NZ meat pies at Wholefoods, The Kiwi Pie Shop and local farmers markets in the DMV. 

Kiwi Corner Dairy.jpeg

Kiwi Corner Dairy

New Zealand Goodies

Use the code "Kia Ora DC" for 20% off your order! 


Astro Lab Brewing

New Zealand Craft Brewery

One of the great locations that hosts our monthly happy hour, with kiwi style beer on tap and hot meat pies! 


NZ Treats

New Zealand Goodies

Use the code "KODCKIWIS10" for $10 off premium gift boxes and subscriptions!


The Wine House

New Zealand Wine Bar & Bistro

Located in Fairfax, VA this kiwi owned wine bar has great wine and some NZ style food! 

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